ImaginaryCTF 2022 is a cybersecurity CTF competition run by ImaginaryCTF with a variety of challenges for all skill levels. It runs from July 15 to July 18, starting and ending at 8 PM UTC. For more information, check out last year's challenges from ImaginaryCTF 2021, where over 1000 teams participated.


Teams will be challenged to discover vulnerabilities in websites, crack codes, and recover information through challenges in cryptography, binary exploitation, web exploitation, forensics, reversing, and more. We hope that you will learn something new from our challenges!


1st place - 300 USD, $250 DigitalOcean credits
2nd place - 250 USD, $250 DigitalOcean credits
3rd place - 200 USD, $250 DigitalOcean credits
4th place - 150 USD, $125 DigitalOcean credits
5th place - 150 USD, $125 DigitalOcean credits
6th-13th place - $125 DigitalOcean credits
Prizes for the best writeups at the end of the competition
Prizes are subject to change.

Daily CTF Challenges

If you would like to do some CTF before or after this competition, we do host daily CTF challenges on our main website and Discord server. You can join the competition for practice, or just for fun, as we will continue hosting them throughout the year.

We also have an active community around our daily challenges to provide support and help! Our daily challenges use the same Discord server as the server for this event, so feel free to stick around after the competition.

ImaginaryCTF 2022 ends in:

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